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I look around for Silv or Eddie thinking one of them will be somewhere giving me direction
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“That didn't last long,” she said, How often had I gone to the movies with girls like her? Never, that was how often….

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Dunlap,” he replied quickly, “the life of an oil driller keeps me away from home way too much to have time for a wife!!!” The two of them then spent the next half hour talking shop, that is until Jim finally stood up and exclaimed, “Good grief where did the time go, I'm sorry to have taken up so much of you morning, say, I've got an idea, since I don't know too much about Chicago, why don't you join me for dinner and then you can show me around!?!” Samantha was a little taken aback at his suggestion, but after a moments hesitation she agreed to meet Jim Dunlap for dinner!!!

“So,” he asked, “how was your steak?!?” “Just perfect,” she replied after taking another sip of wine, “how was yours!?!” “Real good,” he replied while flashing his crooked grin, “but not nearly so good as the company!!!” Embarrassed at his boldness, Sam could feel the red rising in her cheeks, but with her eyes cast down she answered softly, “I feel the same way too, it's been a wonderful evening!!!” They made small talk for another hour until Jim offered, “Why don't we take one of those horse drawn carriages for a ride, it looks like fun!!!” After dropping a c-note on the table, Jim led Sam by the arm and out onto Michigan Avenue where he hailed a carriage and the two of them pile in the back, snuggling close together to keep warm in the late fall evening air!!! “You know I've lived here all my life and this is my first ride in a horse drawn carriage,” she said as they turned down a side street towards Lake Shore Drive!!! He put his arm around her shoulder, and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, kissed her softly on the cheek and then on her full wet lips!!! Immediately she melted into his arms as the kiss grew more passionate, and her mind started reeling as she felt his hand move slowly up her side until it came to rest on one of her full heavy breasts!!! Looking her in the eye he whispered, “Cold!?!” She shook her head no, and tilted her head just right, hoping that he would kiss her again, which of course he did!!! This time, however, their tongues probed back and forth into each others mouth causing each of them to groan softly as the passion slowly grew in both of them!!! He stared into her azure blue eyes, kissed her again an asked softly, “Would you care to come back to my room for a nightcap!?!” She kissed him again, this time with more urgency, and after they came up for air, Jim tapped on the back of the driver's seat and ordered, “Take us back to the Executive House!!!

The ride on the elevator to the twenty first floor seemed to take forever, and for some reason neither of them said a word until they were safely inside of Jim Dunlap's hotel suite!!! “Wow,” Sam gushed as she looked out the window at the spectacular view of the Chicago River, “this is really beautiful!!!” Jim came up behind her, and much to her surprise, put his arms around her and whispered into her ear, “But not half as beautiful as you, Sam!!!” She knew they were moving much to fast, and for the first time since leaving the restaurant she stopped him with a question, “Just a minute, Jim, I'll admit that I'm very attracted to you, but I want you to know that I'm not the kind of girl who lets strange men pick her up and use her as a one night stand!!!” Now staring again into her eyes, he gently pulled her to him and whispered softly into her ear, “You're the first woman I've been out with in over a year, and believe me I've had other chances but you're the first one I've felt like spending my time with!!! “Oh my,” she said to herself, “why is that men always seem to have the just the right answer for every occasion!?!” Her legs wobbled slightly as he kissed the nape of her neck, and when he began nibbling on her ear she lost all of her resolve as he began gently kneading her massive tit flesh!!! She was melting away and couldn't and didn't want to stop it, but as women usually do, she made one last stab at stopping him when she said, “W-we shouldn't be doing this, we really don't know each other that well!!!” Now sometimes no means no, but Jim could tell right away that this was a “yes” no, so without any qualms he kissed her hard on the mouth and whispered, “We know each other well enough to make love,” and with her resistance down to zero, he led her to the bed and slowly began undressing her!!!

He turned her away from him and after unhooking the single catch at the top, he slowly lowered the zipper hold the back of her dress together until it came to rest just below her waistline!!! Panic was beginning to fill her as she realized in the next minute or so she would have to show him over sized body, a prospect which she absolutely dreaded!!! “Don't you think we should turn out all the lights,” she asked hopefully, “I-I'm a little embarrassed!?!” “About what,” he asked as her dress slid to the floor leaving her in just her bra an panty hose!?! “Well, er,” she stammered, “it's just that, you know, that I'm a little over weight and I don't feel very comfortable, Click here.

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